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Thread: Simple Question - Eyedropper Tool in Art Rage 2.6?

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    Simple Question - Eyedropper Tool in Art Rage 2.6?

    Hi. I own ArtRage 2.6 for Mac. Is there the equivalent of an eye-dropper tool?

    I'm just wondering what's the best way to re-choose a color that has already been used on the canvas.


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    The eye-dropper tool in ArtRage 2.6 is called the Color Sampler. It can be selected by going to the tools panel and clicking on the icon for it (see attached image, below), or by selecting it from the Tools menu on the menu bar running across the top of the program (Tools > Select Tool > Color Sampler). You may also use the keyboard shortcut to select the tool, which is the "9" key. Each of the methods mentioned above, will allow for the tool to be selected, and the settings for the tool to be changed to your preference in the settings panel. Now...

    Once you have the tool set up to use the settings you're mostly likely going to stick with,the best way to use the tool (imo), is to hold the "Alt" key down, and then Left click (or left click equivalent, if you're using a stylus) over the color you wish to choose. The program will toggle over to using the Color Sampler for that moment, grab the color, and then allow you to continue on using the tool you had.
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