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Thread: 3.5 speed boost not to all things?

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    3.5 speed boost not to all things?

    I've noticed a pretty big jump in speed in a number of tools in AR 3.5

    A hearty thanks for this!

    but in the palette knife (the one all the way to the left) it doesn't seem to have gotten as big a boost as the other palette knives.

    why should this be?

    Used to be the water color palette knife was the most dog-slow, but now it almost seems like the fastest.


    With the tech pen, I am seeing something I saw in 308: meaning, you draw with the pen and about 2-3 seconds after your stroke, you see it form a taper and get smooth.

    Wasn't there discussion about how the pen ought to do this as you draw?


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    Because the tools all work differently, some will get larger speed boosts from the multithreading system than others. You may find that the basic palette knife gets a smaller boost, but I haven't checked that specifically.

    Regarding the ink pen - The smoothing and tapering functions apply as a post process as they did in 3.0.8. Tapering in particular needs to know the overall length of the stroke before it can calculate the length of the taper.
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