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Thread: Getting into the Member area PITA

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    Getting into the Member area PITA

    OK..I have a key..I'm registered..the site knows I'm registered.

    yet, I can't get in!

    what a special miracle!!!!!

    can you please streamline this process for people who are already registered members?

    your site is tellin me "this serial number is already registered to you"

    so, what's the problem? let me in!!

    I go through this every time I try to log in using a new computer or new install. Art rage is registered to me. I've done all a human CAN do.

    I've paid, I paid for the upgrade. I've typed in numbers and codes until I'm blue in the face.

    I am not a thief.

    thank you!


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    It sounds like you can get in to the Member Area if you're entering your key. Dave's posting a response to this in the technical forum.
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    See here for how to download your software in more detail with steps:

    If you just log in, then go to 'My Products', then click the download button, then you can download your software. If you keep trying to register your serial number repeatedly, then you will get an error message, as you've already done this. You only need to register once, doing it repeatedly is unecessary.

    Moving this to the technical forum.
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