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Thread: New Version 3.50 freezing on Vista

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    New Version 3.50 freezing on Vista

    tried to create a canvas 385 x 725 mm. Using 2.5 gig of ram. Any ideas??
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    You'll have to wait for one of the AR team to help with that, but in the meantime, perhaps you could try turning off the Multithreading option, to see if that's the reason behind it. This is only to see if it's the problem, though. If it is, you should keep in touch with this thread to try and troubleshoot the issue with the AR team.

    Here's how to turn off the Multithreading (if you're able to stay in the program long enough to do it):
    1 - Open ArtRage
    2 - Select Edit > ArtRage Preferences
    3 - Locate and open the "Multithreading" group (at the very bottom of the group list)
    4 - Uncheck the "Use Multithreading" option
    5 - Click "OK" to accept the change.
    The change should be immediate, and should not require you to shut down the program.
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