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Thread: Lucian freud: R.i.p.

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    Lucian freud: R.i.p.


    In our world of the knowledge explosion and burgeoning information far beyond the capacity of any ordinary mortal to keep up on more than a sliver, a small portion, of it all, I am no longer surprised when yet another artist or academic, celebrity figure or other person of significance--unknown to me--is given a TV bio-pic.(1) Lucian Freud, now 88, has been at the game of life more than two decades than I. He gained a pre-eminence among British artists, a celebrity status, far beyond anything I will achieve even if I live to be a centenarian.

    Jurgen Habermas achieved a celebrity status in the field of sociology, but people with little knowledge of sociology will not know of this intellectual giant. One also needs to know more than a little about the field of history to be familiar with Peter Gay, and I could go on and on through the fields of knowledge to mention names with which only those who are connoisseurs or scholars in those fields are familiar.–Ron Price with thanks to (1) SBS2 TV, 3 February 2011, 8:30 to 9:50 pm. and updated on hearing of Freud’s death yesterday---22 July 2011.

    You had your first solo exhibition
    the year I was born, Lucian, and
    you travelled to Paris the year I
    travelled to Burlington and the
    same year as the opening of the
    2nd Seven Year Plan: 1946-1953.(1)

    You were championed in and
    contributed to Patrick Swift’s
    X magazine which ran from ‘59
    to ’62 just as I was entering the
    Baha’i Faith and beginning my
    pioneer-life for the Canadian
    Baha’i community in Ontario.

    In my years of association with
    this new world religion all the
    way back to the fifties you have
    been painting nudes to almost
    the complete exclusion of all-else.

    Your subject matter, Lucian, is
    autobiographical and so is all my
    writing. “It’s all to do with hope,
    memory, sensuality, involvement,”
    you once said—and I would add
    much more. The 4000 hours you
    spent on a series of paintings of
    your mother are equalled by the
    same number of hours on Baha’i
    history. I like to think, Lucian…
    that I too have had an omnivorous
    gaze but it translates my world into
    words not portraits. My tendency to
    socialize and play the raconteur is
    limited now by my bipolar disorder
    and I trust your tendency to father
    children is also limited now as well.(2)

    1 The second Baha’i Plan, 1946-1953, one of a series of plans running well into the 21st century, if not beyond into later centuries, for the extension and consolidation of this new world religion on the planet.
    2 Simon Edge, “LUCIAN FREUD THE LOTHARIO,” in, Friday May 16, 2008. Freud is reputed to have fathered some 40 children.

    Ron Price
    4 February 2011
    -------------------AN UPDATE-----A QUASI-EULOGY-------------------
    The Los Angeles Times in their obits
    said you got better, more youthful &
    more ambitious as you got older: I’ll
    have some of that Lucian. Indeed, they
    said you were a young elder statesman.
    By the late '50s you had embarked on
    what became your very-signature style
    of textured nude paintings….and I had
    embarked on what would become my
    signature meaning system, too, in life.(1)

    It is said you were a fine painter with a
    very narrow repertoire: that could be said
    of me and my literary portfolio, Lucian.
    For you “the paint was the person.” For(2)
    me the words only go so far; the person
    remains an enigma. I thank you, Lucian
    and wish you well in Shakespeare’s land:
    that undiscovered country he called death.

    1 The Baha’i Faith
    2 In company he was exciting, humble, warm and witty," his art dealer, Acquavella, said in a statement. "He lived to paint and painted until the day he died, far removed from the noise of the art world." L.A. Times, 22 July 2011. I trust this will be true for me and my writing.

    Ron Price
    23 July 2011

    married for 42 years, a teacher for 35 years and a Baha'i for 50 years.

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    Sad news indeed.

    A master of the human form and great example of a single minded dedication to traditional painting that does not usually gain the acclaim of the more sensationalist elements of the fine art market place. We have lost both an inspiration and a major advertisment for the relevance and popularity of the traditional.

    Many thanks for drawing our attention to his passing. He will be greatly missed.
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    40 children, eh? There's got to be a psychological story in there about someone who would do that, or at least a cautionary tale about the serious side effects of a lifetime spent painting naked people.

    I was certainly aware of him being one of the name artists who had coffee table book(s) on him while I was an art student decades back. I think it was his being the grandson of Sigmund Freud combined with the mildly grotesque way he depicted people that caught my attention. I didn't follow his career since I didn't connect with his aesthetic voice.

    I'm pleased he was a successful artist because for artists, fame is often the prime measuring stick of worth, because it usually translates out into cash and prizes and prestige. But I would offer to you that it is not the only measure of what can be attained through art or writing. There are frequently more business oriented, less idealistic elements involved in whether or not that social rank stuff happens -- submitted just for a sense of proportion.

    Ah, there are so many artistic voices, so few big investors.

    Like Nicholas said, thank you for bringing his passing to our attention. Lucian Freud lived as an artist in his own way. And that's a noteworthy thing.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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