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Thread: How to consistently re-use a color mixture with a brush/palette knife?

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    Question How to consistently re-use a color mixture with a brush/palette knife?

    Hello everyone, newbie here:

    Is there an easy way to consistently keep the same mix of colors on a brush or palette knife after mixing them together? For instance, I'm trying to make a mix of a couple different colors for some mountains I want to paint in a landscape, but even if I mix the colors on a separate layer and use the same brush, eventually it turns into whatever color I have selected in the color picker.

    Also, I thought of a neat suggestion for a future feature: why not have a color mixing pod? This pod would basically be a miniature canvas that you could throw colors onto and mix, then sample from on your brush/palette knife. This way you don't have to create a separate layer to do the mixture.

    Thank you for your input,

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    If you want to keep colors for later use you can store them as Color Samples.
    For more detailed instructions check User Manual Page 69. Color Samples provide easy but somehow uniformly working solution.

    Another way, which is based on more real color mix is offered by Custom Color Pickers. It's also more close to the approach, you described as 'mixing tool' in form of separate pad for color mix.

    First you need to mix your colors on the canvas, as you would do it on real artist's palette.

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    Then you can do the custom picker of it and save to the disc. Here are the steps to follow:

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    This will open the mask called Picker Creator. You can drag it on the canvas until your sample fit in and confirm your choice. This step will also save your picker to the disc.

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    You should be able to see you new palette mixer in the place of standard color panel of ArtRage.

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    Hi Strandy,

    There isn't a way to keep the colors from fading out as you make strokes. When using the one stroke method (as I've heard it referred to), I tend usually drag the tool through the mix of paint, hit undo (this is to return the mixed paint to it's original state), and then use the tool to make my marks. When it begins getting dull, I start the steps over again.
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    Thanks for the tips guys.

    The custom color picker that you can create as mentioned by Strandy seems like the perfect place to do what I want to do: swipe across the custom color mix that I saved as if I were actually loading a brush or palette knife, then just go about painting. This way, I don't need to create a new layer and have to constantly repeat the method that Someonesane mentioned. Once the brush/knife ran out of paint, I'd just swipe across the custom color picker and my brush/knife would once again have the heterogenous mix of colors that I want to use. Maybe that is something that could be added in a future release? Perhaps with the color picker, you could just hold down ctrl while click-dragging across the color picker to provide the paint you are loading up, instead of just selecting a single color.

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