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Thread: Script commands to import files into layer?

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    You can't currently do this, though that may be something we can add in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terrygillooly View Post
    No, no, let's keep this forum family-friendly.

    I think _spike_ is asking for a function such as ImportLayer("filename"), that would convert an image file into an ArtRage layer. I'd like that too. Super useful for automating certain tasks (i.e. importing image files into layers).

    And a corresponding ExportLayer("filename", "file format"), of course.
    Yes, that would be a great start!

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    ImportLayer problem

    Quote Originally Posted by AndyRage View Post
    Waaaaiiiit a moment...

    It says here in my notes that I *have* put an import path command into the ArtRage scripting language already.
    Try something like this:

    EvType: Command CommandID: ImportLayer Idx: 0 Path: "C:\\Image.png"

    string csPathName = "c:\\image.png"
    EvType: Command CommandID: ImportLayer Idx: 0 Path: (csPathName)

    Tell me if it does anything or explodes most horribly.
    Hi there - this is my first post - this thread looks kind of dead but I'll try anyway ....

    ... on ArtRage 4.06 on my mac, inserting this line into my AR script causes the script to go into an endless loop of opening the bitmap file ... any ideas ?

    But the other thing is, I can't help thinking that there has to be a better way of doing what I am trying to do: to run an existing AR script file that renders paint strokes on top of an existing canvas design. Of course I can do this manually, i.e. without the script, but is there really no way of scripting the process of setting the canvas texture by importing e.g. a paper texture bitmap ? It seems not, and so even if I get the ImportLayer command above to work, I'd have to pre prepare a differently sized bitmap background for every new painting size. Someone suggested the photoshop plugin idea as a workaround, but can the import of photoshop plugins into AR be scripted ? I suspect not ...

    any ideas welcome - btw thanks for a wonderful piece of software, just find that the scripting documentation could be extended IMO (I have the pdf guide of course)

    many thanks in advance

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    Sorry for the delay replying to this. We've made some changes in 4.5.2 that should help with some of the issues here. The main problem appears to have been with the parser understanding smart quotes, followed by a bug that caused the script to restart when encountering this error rather than drop in to Stopped state. Those have been resolved and the script should work more smoothly.

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