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Thread: Sketchup & Photoshop

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    Sketchup & Photoshop

    Here's a quick walk through on how this artist uses Google Sketchup & Photoshop to create some outstanding images.... Of course in lieu of Photoshop you could use ArtRage....



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    This is really interesting to me. I do landscape and garden design, and could imagine mocking up the hardscape-- decks, arbors, path, etc.-- as well laying out perspective and depth of field for when plants are more mature (how one thing will be eventually hidden by another, etc.), as well as integrating the house, when it comes into view. Then, just using that as my guide for more free form, by-hand art on top. I've always found Google Sketchup intriguing, but I bit bloodless in terms of being evocative visually.

    This, however, is a really compelling idea! It uses the strengths of both programs. Hmmmmmm.....

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