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Thread: Please help me decide

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    Please help me decide

    I played a bit with the contrast and saturation of my Misty Crossing image and I'm hoping some of you would be kind enough to help me decide which one is the better...

    The initial Misty Crossing I posted in this thread

    Or one of the two in attached here...

    Thanks kindly...really appreciate your input...


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    Hi K

    My personal favorite is the 2nd version, as I find the colors in the other two a bit too saturated for my taste.
    But I suppose you could include just a bit of the foreground (of the 3rd example) at a lower density for example - if you wanted to distinguish that part as more colorful than the misty background.

    Just my 2 cents

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    The second one for me too, also in consideration of the title which could hardly stand a too vivid lighting I guess ....
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Definitely the 2nd version
    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    I agree with Rowena about the need of foreground enhancement and reduction of saturation in the second image. I find the postprocessing in AR a bit limited at it's current stage, but even though it provides some outstanding solutions. I took your jpg file and reimported into AR. I worked a bit with a tinting layer and with the fill tool. I hope you don't mind this manipulation. Here is the image, I got. Just to illustrate what I mean with 'postprocessing'.
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    Hi Ken

    Second image as i think the alteration helps to push to the back and give a better illusion of depth.

    If you flick quickly between the two you should see the boy jumps forward and then back
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    Kenmo... I like the second image but think that if you could mask in a bit of the bottom one especially the water and water lily's for about 1/3 or less of the bottom it would give a boost the the depth of the painting. ( if you have photoshop or elements) .. but the third is a bit too oversaturated overall... like Caesar says the title implies a bit of a desaturated image to get the misty quality... just my 2 cents worth...

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    First, I will say this is really a very full scene and looks wondrous, fitting the lad's awareness of every detail. Very nice.

    But I see where none of them are 100% satisfying to you. Each has what works and doesn't.

    I think the issue that is snagging you is that you are trying to make it work through adjustments like saturation and all that only. But since the relationships are sort of off, the global adjustment just seems to give you variations of the same off relationship.

    The solution as I see it would be to first take all that black/red orange face (depending on the version) off the figure. The shadow especially under his jaw is killing the mood. So adjust the environment to where you like it and then retouch/repaint bits of the figure to fit. I think that will free you up to breathe some life into him. I have seen those kinds of shadows from 3D programs and it shows a heavy mechanical hand.

    That's the approach, being that it is so complete. But where you want to get to with it is this: Your figure is the star. All else should be subordinate to his showing the viewer a story. So keep that in mind as well. He has to look boy-like yet absorbing it all, especially in this environment which sort of dazzles with detail. In other words, he has to work, above all else. You can cheat the rest, but he has to be the best thing in the picture.

    Otherwise, it's really a tour de force. It's a surprisingly small change that I took a lot of words to say. Very fine work!
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    as a blind bat kenmo I'll plug for the 2nd but I like strandy's water

    with algea on it and darker so see the stones on the bottom YEAH

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    Gosh Ken, this is like asking a woman who loves chocolate which box of candy she would like. It took me the longest time to decide with your wonderful paintings, and I chose the third one, but this is a hard decision as I loved them all.

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