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Thread: Thursday thoughts

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    Thursday thoughts

    I often get ideas for tweaks or suggestions after a session. Always worth mentioning them.

    1) Sticker spray presets: option to lock the both the size and sticker sheet when changing presets. I've got a few presets that I use for different brush behaviour but sometimes it really irks me to change a preset then have to find and change the sticker sheet. Maybe, spray variation presets would be a solution.

    2) New spray variation: velocity option

    3) Quicker and easier sticker sheet selection. Select from sticker sheet pod would be a good option.

    3) Preference to not show the 'Clear canvas message' when right clicking.....please!! It always draws my attention away from the drawing.

    4) Ability to replace current brush preset instead of creating a new brush and then typing in the exact same name and choosing to replace.

    5) Dynamic paint stencil/mask. Hit modifier key and any brush strokes create a mask in red like stencil. Let go of key and you have an instant mask. Options to clear/delete the mask. (Workflow friendly version of an old tip:

    6) Per layer brush settings. E.g. pen on one layer, ink on another switching layers switches the brush too.

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