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Thread: Sci-fi, Charater concept art. Ink/ Art pen tools.

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    Sci-fi, Charater concept art. Ink/ Art pen tools.

    Produced using the ink tools and some blending. The line work is traditional pencil scanned in.

    The character is called Kas'im. A Sith Lord. The character is featured in the Star Wars novel, Path of Destruction.

    The drawing was a request from a friend who couldnt find pictures of Kas'im official or otherwise and asked me to come up with something.

    Very little is known about Kas'im apart from the fact hes's muscular, a race called Twi'lek and has tattoos over his chest and carries a double lightsabre, for me thats great i have a good latitude to come up with something.

    I love working with the pen and ink tools. Very intuitive to work with, I also use a Wacom Bamboo, excellent budget tablet.

    Comments welcome.
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