Hey everyone this is my first post to this forum and I have a few interface suggestions I would like to propose after using the great natural media program that is Artrage. I am a graphic art designer so thinking about the placement of elements and how they are accessed is something I always think about. After having used the ipad version of Artrage for awhile I think that the tools that are present on the lefthand side would be better off if they were placed in a pod similar to the one that is in the desktop version. The pod itself would be as small as the collapsed color pod on the righthand side but when you tapped and held a finger on it then it would bloom into a bigger version of itself with all the tools visible. After you let go the pod would collapse into its smaller form but you wouldn't be able to keep it open by tapping it once because I think the tools would be close enough together that you wouldn't need to keep it open. After putting all the natural media tools and other functions like the lasso or transform tool in the pod I would then replace the natural media tools that were on the left with the presets that come in the pull up menu on the bottom tool bar. This way you would have quick access to all your presets and if you wanted to tweak them all you would have to do is tap and hold or double tap on one of the preset squares and the tool settings would pop up right beside the preset square. You would have to have some sort of stroke capture window so you wouldn't be confused as to what preset does what. I was also thinking that maybe it would be good to have custom colors squares show up on the right side of the interface like in sketchbook pro. I was even thinking you could place multiple colors inside one of the squares so you would have instant access to different color sets. Finally in terms of the color picker which I too agree that it should be able to be accessed with a tap and hold gesture and be offset to better see what color you are choosing I was thinking that maybe there could be a brightness ring and a hue ring around the outside of the color picker for fine adjustments or just getting a darker or lighter color if there isn't one available on the canvas. You would have to tap the canvas to dismiss the color picker which is something that I am not sure if people would find annoying or not. Sorry if my post was really long but I just had to get these ideas out and I do have more but I will discuss those on another post or once people have commented on this one. Keep up the good work Ambient Design and fellow artists. The image below showcases some of my ideas.Name:  ArtRageInterfaceDesign.png
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