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    That last one runs at least but crashes on line 142 string cleanup. But at least it runs all the way through until the end. So if I ask it to run 5 times it will run 5 times etc.

    Very nice actually and could help a lot.

    Now we just need the artrage folks to allow a new tool bar to assign scripts to buttons.

    I wonder what is different between the pc version and mac version.

    Something like this is the beginnings of a very useful tool for animators within Artrage. Only thing missing would be a way to slow it down or a delay between frames.

    I am trying to work out why cleanup would fail. If I am reading your script correctly, it is trying to clear out the blank layer that was created at the beginning. Is that right?

    Ignore that. I just read your comment and that is exactly what it is trying to do. So it fails on the deletion of that layer. I need to read up on this scripting a bit more.

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