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Thread: Grid script: ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enug View Post
    I know the original post is five years old (before my time here) but until reading it today I never understood how to save a script .txt file and then run the script. So I thank quixotic for opening up this post again. Useful to know.
    You're welcome. On another side note, the function that JMMK pointed out above is only valid for versions 4.5 and later (I only have version 4, so I had to incorporate the script).

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    I found out that this script is interfering with colors to a great degree. Please see this thread:

    Any ideas as to how I can overcome this issue?

    And another question: Can I somehow remove the grid at a later point in the drawing?

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    Maybe this will help: Put it on a separate layer and click on the layer locks (Right corner from the layer thumbnail) click all, and paint on new layer(s)
    Later you can remove the layer after unlocking it, or make it invisible.
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    Running the script results in two layers - the script overlay layer and a layer below - paint on this lower layer (paint will not appear 'washed out') and delete the script layer when it's no longer needed or as suggested above close the layer. No need to lock layers.

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    Thanks everyone. I also found out that version 4.5 (with a built-in grid function) is a free upgrade from version 4 (which I already have). So I think I'll go that route.

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