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Thread: os X window size

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    os X window size

    I don't see any way to resize the window, other than maximize. This is ok, but not great. My display height is only 800px high, and artrage seems to not take into account the height of the apple menu at the top of the display. You pick a window size that's a tiny bit too big. I can't get down to the metalic slider for the color pallete.

    Maximized, everything is fantastic. Sometimes, i want a browser window next to ArtRage, say for a video tutorial. It's tough when i can't seem to resize the window.

    Maybe i'm missing something obvious...

    BTW, Fantastic product. i bought the full version after about half an hour of playing with the free version.

    Thanks for any advice,

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    Indeed. I can't figure out how to resize the window either.

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    There are a couple of ways to resize the window:

    If you are not currently in full screen mode, the ArtRage window has a standard titlebar upon which you should see the + and - buttons for sizing. The + button will size the window up to the maximum size the OS UI guidelines suggest it should be allowed to be (which is basically the height of the screen minus the height of the titlebar and the height of the dock if the doc is not set to auto hide).

    If you are in Full Screen mode, the full screen toggle button can be found next to the close button on the ArtRage Menu Bar at the top of the canvas.

    However, in both those cases the window size goes to 1024 x 768 or, if the screen is not large enough for that, full screen mode.

    There's no resize handle in the OSX version because of the way the OS UI works. I tried it for a while but when you tell the window it can be resized, it forces a square 'tab' to appear at the bottom right of the window, which overlaps the colour picker's colour sample and gets in the way of ArtRage UI. The only other alternative seemed to be to make the window larger by adding scroll bars to the side and bottom so that the tab didn't overlap, but that was just ugly and as the ArtRage UI doesn't scroll anyway, another waste of space.

    One plan I have noted down for a future revision is to add some kind of manual scaling system that handles it in ArtRage UI rather than relying on the OS. That way, the control wouldn't get in the way of the product and we have some choice as to how it's presented. Until then, I'm afraid the window size is fixed.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I agree the Carbon corner resize boxes suck. Safari only gets away with it because of the scroll bars. I'd suggest an itunes approach and just draw your own diagonal lines in the corner where you have the currently selected color. Mac people will know what you mean, you can handle the mouse drag as a resize internaly. It seems a little silly to have a resize handle on the windows version... you can resize the window anywhere you have an edge. The preview application omits the lines, and resizes as a user would expect. that seems hacky to me though.

    I do think you have a small bug. A picture might help, the math seems a bit off for a 800px high display. Perhaps menu height + window title bar height aren't being taken into account? You'll see the default window is larger than the available space, cutting off the slider for the metalic paint. If it weren't for this, i probably wouldn't have even noticed i couldn't resize.

    I think that not being able to resize is a high price to pay for a consistent UI. Of course, it's your application, do what you think is best.

    It's easy to sound like a jerk, so i want to be clear. ArtRage an absoulute bargin, i'm really happy with it. You've done a great job.

    Thanks Again,

    edit -- scaled the picture down to meet upload requirements (oops)
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