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Thread: Only 72 dpi in exported JPEGs to Illustrator?!

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    Only 72 dpi in exported JPEGs to Illustrator?!


    I have a sketch in AR with 300 dpi set (i checked the canvas resize and it still says 300 dpi). I have saved it as a JPEG and then opened it into Illustrator but when i save the Illustrator file its giving me warnings that the raster graphic is at 72 dpi. It is a layer in the illustrator image. I tried it as a TIFF but it made no difference.

    Any ideas if this is correct? I need this work to be print perfect, so as much clarity as poss, is Illustrator telling the truth? and if so is there a way to get the AR file to export with 300 dpi?


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    Most JPEG formats don't support DPI, export as PNG or PSD instead and that should retain the setting, and avoid exporting as JPEG for print due to the low quality of the format.

    However, the DPI value changing doesn't change the size of the image, it is still the same resolution it was in ArtRage. The DPI value just tells the printer how many of the existing pixels to pack in to each inch of paper. You should be able to change the DPI value without changing the actual size of the image in your target application.
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    Arrr, i thought it had to be something fairly simple i was doing wrong - many thanks!

    Previously i've just been using vectors into PDFs but i'm really enjoying the tool set on AR.

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