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Thread: Scales Stencil Download?

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    Scales Stencil Download?


    I downloaded ArtRage 4 a few days ago, and its awesome! I'm working on drawing a dragon, which I will upload to deviantART when it is done.

    I'm almost finished, I'm working on the scales for the dragon, however I'm having trouble with them. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a scales template that I can use on ArtRage. I'm not even sure if this is possible, but I think you can download stencils



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    I don't know of any, but you could always create one for your specific needs. Without seeing what you already have done, I can't say what method would be the best course of action, but there's a couple of things you could try. For example, you could choose to draw a few scales of your own and create a stencil of them to use to make the rest. Or maybe you could even find a an image with textures that would work as scales. The skin of a lizard, fish, snake, or perhaps even a pine cone or something similar? Importing an image as a stencil is easy, too. You just open the stencil panel (by clicking on the Stencil Pod in the lower left). You may then either import the image to one of the stencil groups (which saves it for future use), or use the menu tab on the panel to use the "Select Stencil From Disk" option, which will only import the image as a stencil for that particular painting session.

    Other options to consider, would be importing textures in as canvas or layer grains, and using tools that can pick up those textures (like the Pastel tool) to create a semblance of scales. You might also decide to apply the chosen texture to a new layer with the Pattern feature of the Fill tool and then use the layers blend mode to superimpose it over the image and erasing the unneeded areas.
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