Hi all,

Update: Member area downloads are back on line. You can down update to 3.5!

Sorry for the outage this afternoon. One of the servers hosting some of our systems came under attack and had to be shifted. We have no evidence that any data has actually been taken or in fact that any of our data was even looked at. Other sites are hosted on the same server, and we don't believe this was targetted at us specifically.

Regardless, we'd like to reassure you regarding the security of your information:

1. No billing information is stored in any of our servers. All transactions are handled by the external store company we use and no credit card data or anything like that is passed on to us.

2. Passwords and email addresses are encrypted in the Member Area system. Nonetheless, it might be wise to change your passwords, and we'll keep looking in to it to see if there is any further information we can get.

The outage has been primarily caused by us shifting servers. The Forums and Member Area system have been moved to a different server and the missing functionality over the last half a day or so has been caused by us having to rewrite parts of the system for the new server, and reinstall important features required for things like image attachment.

Current Status:

  • Everything should be working properly again now, please let us know (support@artrage.com) if you encounter any problems.

Thanks for your patience!