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Thread: Understanding Scripting capability in hot 3.5 version.

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    Question Understanding Scripting capability in hot 3.5 version.

    Dear Matt,

    First of all, I would like to thank you thrice for such complex and very much appreciated work your team were done in 3.5 version for helping art people!

    I wish you big success!

    Regarding scripting I have following question.

    As you know I'm fighting with huge files 1,3 m x 1 m @ 300 dpi. And there is memory limitation for x32 apps.

    Q: Is it possible to record script at low res painting @ 72 dpi, modify script for splitting and then to play it on 2 or 4 sub paintings @ 300 dpi to be combined later (in GIMP or Photoshop, for example)?

    I will explain:
    For example, I have to draw file 130 cm x 100 cm @ 300 dpi.

    I create painting with 130 cm x 100 cm @ 72 dpi and record script while drawing it.

    Then I modify script for creating 2 (two) or 4 (four) parts @ 300 dpi of whole painting.

    E.g., there would be 2 (two) parts of 65 cm x 100 cm @ 300 dpi in case of two sub paintings.

    Or 4 (four) parts of 65 cm x 50 cm @ 300 dpi in case of four sub paintings.

    Main question is how to split one source script over 2 or 4 or more sub paintings if it is possible?

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    The scripting system is pretty powerful and there are a number of ways you might be able to approach this. There's no system built in there that could repaint sections of a painting if it wasn't painted in sections in the first place though. Unlike simple image scaling, the script system replays the painting as it was created in the first place, so it can't replay sections of the painting only.

    We'll have a chat about it here and see if there's anything we can suggest. It's possible that writing some code in the script file could help in some way but I'm not sure at this point.
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