This is a list of all the changes in ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro 3.5.

Major Features:

  1. Multithreading: Supports multicore processors, spawning multiple threads while it works to speed up tools and many other processes in the application.
  2. Scripting: Allows users to record the process of painting for playback on other machines.
    1. Play back scripts at standard or accelerated speed to see the painting constructed live.
    2. Play back scripts at different resolutions, recreating your artwork at other sizes.
    3. (Studio Pro) Record whole or partial paintings in a Script File that can be shared with other users.
    4. (Studio Pro) Annotate scripts as you record with Note Bubbles and Spotlights that draw the viewer’s attention to areas of the canvas during playback.
    5. (Studio Pro) Scripts are saved with the painting as you work, allowing you to come back to a session and continue recording later.
    6. Supports a full, function based scripting language that provides support for variable manipulation and user interaction. Script authors can create branching process scripts that can automate and control most of the functionality of the application.

  3. Package Files: Gather together sets of custom content such as stickers, presets, stencils and more in to a single, easy to use file that can be shared with other users.
    1. Package Files can be installed with a double click. ArtRage extracts and installs the contents automatically to the user content folders.
    2. Installed Packages save a receipt which allows easy uninstallation or repair at a later date.
    3. (Studio Pro) Create Package Files with author notes and a preview image to personalize it before distribution.
    4. (Studio Pro) Save out partially completed Package Files to a Template so that you can work on them over multiple sessions.

  4. (Studio Pro) Real Color Blending: A rewritten Real Color Blending system provides better real-world color results, and improves speed.
  5. Content Management: ArtRage now includes easier management of custom content from within the application. Right click custom content items such as Stickers, Stencils, and Presets to rename or Delete them from within the application.

Other Features & Improvements:

  1. Palette Knife Loading: The Blade and Edge Palette Knives can now be loaded with paint before use, allowing you to create smooth flat strokes of paint on the canvas.
    1. (Studio Pro) Loaded Palette Knives have additional control over angle during painting.

  2. Soft Media Adjustment: Chalks, Crayons, and Pencils have been softened to improve their interaction with the canvas texture.
  3. (Studio Pro) Aibrush Controls: Controls for stroke hardness and spatter have been added to the airbrush.
  4. Precise Color Picker: The Precise Color Picker can now be left open while you work.
  5. Invert Selection: An Invert Selection button has been added to the Selection Settings panel.
  6. Interface Adjustments: The interface has been given a clean up to compact some shadows and improve control consistency.
  7. PTG Preview Transparency: Added support for transparency masks in the flattened preview in PTG files. This allows ArtRage to import a PTG with Transparency to a layer, and other applications that read PTG to see the painting without its canvas background if the canvas has been made transparent.
  8. The Preset Pane now remembers which Preset Group you were in between sessions.
  9. The Canvas Positioner can now be toggled using its button on the menu and its keyboard shortcut, rather than just being shown.
  10. Large aspect canvases can now have their target position set when you resize the canvas.
  11. Added a right click menu to the top and bottom blocks of Group entries in the Layer Panel.
  12. Realtime Stylus Support: Tablet support for Windows has been rewritten to support Realtime Stylus, which covers a larger range of stylus and touch based input devices.
  13. Added a French Manual to the application.
  14. Adjusted Zoom Level handling after Resizing the Canvas to ensure that the resulting canvas fits properly in the window after the resize operation.
  15. Improved right click handling on the canvas to make it easier to hide the UI without moving the canvas.
  16. Improved user feedback when attempting to delete a preset file that no longer exists on disk.
  17. Improved user feedback when attempting to import a non-image file as a Reference Image.
  18. Adding a new group in the New Preset Panel, where a group of that name already exists, now selects that Group in the Group List rather than not doing anything.

Fixes & Tweaks:

  1. Improved Palette Knife blending to prevent paint going darker when using the Knife to blend at the edge of a painted area over transparency.
  2. Corrected a problem that could cause the app to slow down after hiding or showing a layer.
  3. Addressed a number of situations that could cause square artifacts in a Watercolor stroke after using a dry brush, or in some blending situations where strokes interact.
  4. Fixed artifacts that could occur in Ink Pen strokes when painting while zoomed in.
  5. Corrected a problem that could cause Text Selections not to update visually while editing text.
  6. Fixed artifacts that could occur in some cases painting over partially transparent Stencils.
  7. Fixed a number of situations that could cause the app to become unresponsive in some cases on OS X when double clicking buttons or the grain preview in the Canvas Panel, or right clicking on sliders.
  8. Corrected some issues with layer merging that could cause paint to dry, and paint texture to be removed or damaged.
  9. Fixed artifacts that could occur when Groups that used the Pass Through blend mode were merged to a single layer.
  10. Torn off Tool and Color Panels are now visible after restarting the app.
  11. Sticker sheet panels have been resized vertically to ensure their contents are fully visible.
  12. Corrected a problem that could occur when opening a sticker sheet below a certain size.
  13. The Color Sample Name Edit is not longer offset when the Color Samples panel is scaled to a size other than 100%.
  14. Removed Scaling support from Tooltips to ensure they always display at legible sizes.
  15. The brush head proxy for the Wet Blender is now visible when scaling using Shift-Drag on the canvas.
  16. Stickers that have been flipped will no longer un-flip when their tint is adjusted.
  17. Sticker Opacity can now be correctly set from the Sticker Menu button in the Layer Panel.
  18. Corner roundels no longer appear in the wrong position after changing global UI scale with UI hidden.
  19. Corrected a number of minor translation errors in the non English versions.
  20. The Presets Panel no longer resets to the default Preset Group when you changed tool settings while the panel was closed.
  21. Fixed a crash that could occur when setting the Filters system to scan the Library folder on OS X.
  22. The Refs Pod now updates the number of loaded References when the list is cleared.
  23. Tablet Preference changes now prompt for restart if made via a keyboard shortcut.
  24. The default name for new groups added to Resource Collections is not longer ‘Add Group’.
  25. The number of presets listed in the presets pod now updates correctly after removing a preset.
  26. The Transform Rig now reappears after moving the transformed area using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  27. Removed ‘All Files’ type options from Windows Save dialogs.

Please Note: Due to some of the new feature requirements we have had to drop support for OS X 10.3 and PPC Macs. The OS X version of 3.5 runs on 10.4 or later Intel macs only.