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Thread: stroke it! great solution for tablet pc's users

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    stroke it! great solution for tablet pc's users


    id like to share with you with that great program that i have found a while ago. He have change my workflow for better and im shure he will found a new users here ;]

    Ok, stroke it is a really small but powerfull program witch allow us to use gestures in windows and any prgram. I set all shortcuts that i need in ArtRage as a gestures in stroke it and now I can always work on full sceen mode and jump between tools in lees than 1 sec. On tablet pcs we can draw gestures by pen witch is great. Here is a little sample:



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    Looks interesting Kurt.. thanks for the tip
    Do you know if it runs ok on win7.. looks a little oldschool ?

    Here's the site link for those interested
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    I'm curious how you're using this with Artrage, because my understanding is that you have to use the right-click to start the gestures. Then, my presumption was that you couldn't pan the canvas with that function. Is this not true? How are you triggering that the gestures are starting for the modifier keys?

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    I set up stroke it that middle mouse key launch gestures. In my case its second pen button.

    Stroke it works perfect on win7.

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    I've just started using Modlock too, and it occurred to me that it might be useful to combine the two programs. For example, those times when I might use a modifier that then requires me to put pen to paper and move things around (resizing or rotating the canvas, for instance, or picking a color from the canvas with the eyedropper tool) might be best done with Modlock, where as when I just need to tap a modifier key (undo, starting a new layer, etc.) might be most easily done with a gesture in Stroke It.

    How are you using Stroke It in Artrage? What sort of commands have you set up for it?

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    I set up:
    -brush size -+1 \+-10

    It's all I needed. For zoom\rotate\pan I'm using touch screen.

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