Just like how I received my iPad as a present one day before the release of iPad 2, Wacom released their new Bamboo stylus for iPad one day after I bought my Just Mobile Alupen.

So far Alupen works great. It's smooth and sensitive. The only thing is its big pen tip- sometimes it blocks my view (the whole Alupen body is quite thick as well). That's why I was thinking maybe I should try Wacom Bamboo stylus for iPad because it has the same tip technology but a much smaller tip. It should be more accurate.

However there are also people complaining about Bamboo stylus (e.g. reviews on Amazon, not sure if they are artists or not). They say you would have to press it a little hard to get iPad recognize your brush stroke (which might be caused by the smaller tip/less touching area).

So I am not sure if Wacom Bamboo for iPad is worth getting. Alupen works great. It seems it's a waste of money if I buy another stylus for 35 GBP and don't like it. What do you think?