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Thread: History of settings and colours?

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    History of settings and colours?

    Hello. I frequently find that I want to re-use a recent setting for my pencil, say, and have to fiddle about with the eyedropper to pick the right colour again, then muck about with the other settings.

    Would it be possible to include an automatic settings history so that you could just pick a recently used setting from a list somewhere? At the moment I have to remember to save presets all the time, and I frequently forget (or am in a hurry).

    If this were implented, I would think that AR would only need to save settings that are actually used (i.e. when pen touches paper), not all of the fiddling about in between.


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    I'm not a frequent poster on the forums but normally have a thorough look around when there has been an update.

    I agree with this, I've suggested this in the past too.

    Whilst the upgrade to 3.5 brings much needed power with multithreading there is certainly some scope to add a few tweaks to the workflow.

    Brush history is important but needs to be done correctly. There is a case to keep the color history separate too. A clever combination of both would be ideal.

    I'd also like to create mixed sets of presets with different brush types!!!!!

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    Yes, I would like this also
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    I agree this would be handy, and I vote for it. Especially if you're trying to find the best color and tweaking.

    In the mean time, I suggest creating a local color palette and just start getting in the habit of adding your current color to the palette. The other thing I try to do on a painting where I'm experimenting with color is just make a mark out of the way of the painting. This way I can just pick the color back up without having to open the palette again.
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