Update: Found a translator, thanks for the response.

Hi all,

We're very close to the release of our next update to the desktop versions of ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro. Close enough that we're looking for a translator to help out with the Italian translation of the additional features in the new version.

If you're an Italian speaking ArtRage user who has Studio or Studio Pro and you're interested in getting involved in the process please contact me directly via contact@artrage.com and let me know. We will be paying for the translation, and you'll also get access to the pre-release of ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5.

We'll be posting more info on the new version and the features in it soon, but to pre-empt questions I can confirm the one feature we have already mentioned: Multithreading support for machines with multiple core processors (for all tools and loads of other operations in the app), and also that this will be a free update to all registered users of Studio and Studio Pro.