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Thread: Close Painting

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    Close Painting

    Hello, my question is about the location of a Command. This is for ArtRage Studio Pro.

    Under the File Menu, you have "Open Painting" which I use to open my paintings.

    But where is the "Close Painting" command? Because the only way to close a painting seems to be to exit the program, which can be a pain when wanting to look at different paintings I've done.

    I know that I can always open another painting on top of the painting I've already opened. Does that close the painting below the new one I open?


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    There's no way to have two or more paintings opened within a single instance of ArtRage, which is why there's no "close painting" option under the file menu. The idea being, since there's no way to have two images open at once, you'd just "X" out of the program to close ArtRage, or just open a new painting over the current one. On a PC, you can open multiple instances of the AR program, which means you could have multiple Paintings opened that way.
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