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    opening files

    Can Artrage files be opened in Photoshop CS4 or Corel Painter X? I'm using the demo pro version and considering purchasing. So far I love the app. I tried opening an artrage file in PS and got a bunch of code. Is that because I'm using the demo version?


    Can multiple files be opened at the same time so they can be viewed side by side? I do this a lot in PS. It is very helpful to view multiple variations.

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    ArtRage files (.PTG) cannot be opened by other programs, because the files hold unique information dealing with light rendering and paint build up. However, a painting can be exported as a .PSD file, retaining the layers, and groups, which can be worked on, and then brought back into ArtRage if needed. If the image is going to be brought back into AR, I'd recommend that the lighting be turned off before exporting, otherwise the texture of the canvas may double up.

    Only a single file may be opened in ArtRage at a time, but you're using a PC, multiple instances of the ArtRage program may be opened, allowing for a similar side by side view of AR images. I don't believe that's possible on the Mac version, though.
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