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Thread: Mouse Button Madness

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    Mouse Button Madness

    I've a unique problem! I'm a right handed person who mouses with my left hand. So in Windows I have the buttons switched.

    Problem is I want to use my tablet with the buttons the "normal" way when working with the tablet, since otherwise my index finger is way up the barrel of the pen. But if I switch them in windows I'm all screwed up with the mouse, and it seems I have to go back and forth a lot between regular mouse and tablet.

    I suspect I'm probably the only living human with this problem, but if I'm not and you know a shortcut key to toggle back and forth or some other possible solution I would very much love to hear it!

    I just started playing with this awesome Artrage2 tool and I'm so psyched to get to work with it (after I make a few million mistakes, that is. :-)

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    BJ, I have a Wacom tablet, and the stylus button can be set differently from the mouse settings. For that, I use the Wacom tablet control panel which allows me any choice.
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    To get to the screen OldLink posted, look for the 'Wacom tablet properties' icon in your configuration screen. If you have Windows XP, you might need to set the configuration screen to the classic style, which can be done on the left of the screen.

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    Thanks! Though I don't have a Wacom, I was able to find the appropriate setting in my tablet (which I just got recently) and got it working nicely. And some day I might actually get used to it! LOL!

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