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Thread: Edit layer texture

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    Edit layer texture

    I can't find another thread on this.

    I want to change the texture of one layer but when I go to the option to edit layer texture and click on any of the options, then click okay nothing happens.

    Appreciate your help.

    PS - there are lock icons on all of the options, not sure if that's applicable.

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    Changing the texture of a layer is different than changing the Visible Canvas Grain Texture. Changing the texture of the Canvas will visibly alter the grain you see on the background of screen, but changing a layers texture, only affects the way the tool interacts with that layer. So, most likely you have been changing the textures correctly, and just didn't realize it. Since there's no initial change to what you see, until you start working on that layer, you won't get a visible confirmation. For example...

    In the picture below, you'll see three different colored sets of lines. In each set, there is a line drawn with Chalk, the Gloop Pen, and the Paint Roller. Only the green lines were drawn on a layer using the same texture as the Canvas, while the blue lines were drawn on layer set to use a 0% Roughness, and the red lines drawn on a Denim type of texture. Where the greens lines seem to interact directly with the visible texture we can see (marking the higher points, seeping into the deeper areas, etc). The blue lines pick up no visible texture at all, and only allow the canvas texture beneath to show through it (so not physically interacting at all, as though they were drawn on a piece of clear glass, above the rough canvas). Then we have the red lines, which interact with a texture that isn't visibly preset (so the tools react to a texture, just not the visible texture).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is another example, where I've drawn two red marks on my canvas, but on separate layers, using separate textures from that of the canvas. Notice that even though my canvas seems to be using a watercolor type paper, the marks I've made look as though one were drawn over a lined surface, and the other over a patchwork type of surface.

    Click image for larger version. 

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