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    Random thought

    You know how people are alwasy saying "Accept yourseslf" and stuff like that? I think that is horrible advice. I believe that the minute we start to be complacent with who we are is the minute we stop growing. When we become complacent, we are further feeding the emotion we are addicted to, whether it be the "victim", being in control, and so on. We need to learn how to accept who we are now, but make an effort to change that person, not become complacent in our old selves.

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    In the spirit you have interpreted it, I agree.

    I think the trick is to take where you are as a starting point and to not be held back by negative self-judgements that hold you down. Some people needlessly limit themselves that way.

    I think you're saying the same thing though in effect. Accept yourself and keep growing and refining.

    Good comment you made. Very much an artist's comment.

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    thank you for this thought. That gives me somthing to think about!

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