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Thread: Brush size v Canvas size

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    Unhappy Brush size v Canvas size


    I am using Artrage 3 studio pro. My issue is that when creating a big canvas, the tool size in relation to it is small. If I was painting on a real canvas and wanted to fill in large areas I would choose a bigger brush; however, Artrage does not let me do this. I have the brush or palette knife on 100% but it does not cover the areas I need it to because of the canvas size.

    Although, I can minimise the canvas in order to get the appearance of a larger brush etc.. it does not work affectively. Also if I start painting on a smaller canvas to initially cover the large arears with ease and then increase the canvas size and pixels, I lose alot of the quality of the painting.

    Is there a way in which I can increase the brush and palette knife size to over 100% so that it can cover large areas of the canvas when the canvas size is bigger?

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    Hi Shar

    yes you can increase up to 500% by clicking on the size box and typing in the size you want.
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    Hi Shar - press shift on your keyboard and drag - right for a larger tool, left for smaller

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    I've always wondered-what is the 100% brush size in relation to? One hundred percent of what? Does 100% = 1 inch?



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    100% = num of pixels. I'm not sure what that number is. But I know that when the painting gets bigger the 100% gets smaller. It's based on pixels, not sure what that ratio is.

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    The 100% size in pixels doesn't change based on canvas size (though if your canvas is zoomed out, it will appear smaller because the pixel size remains constant). 100% is the top end of the 'normal tool operating size', and it varies from tool to tool depending on their nature (eg. pencil tips are smaller than paint rollers) and their complexity (eg. a massive watercolor brush is much harder to calculate than a massive oil brush).
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    Smile Brush size v Canvas size


    Many thanks for your help Peter and shechat. I will give it a go.



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