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Thread: Multi-threading

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    Mar 2006


    Just out of curiosity (and the fact that Stephen just got a new Core 2 Duo machine), is Artrage multi-threaded at all?
    (Ie, would one see any performance increase on a SMP machine)

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    Mar 2006
    Ambient Design
    ArtRage isn't really multi-threaded. There are some minor exceptions, but not that you'd notice much performance increase with a multi-processor machine.
    It just means that you can have your MP3 player going at the same time...
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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    Will Artrage be made multi core at some future stage? I suppose at some stage it will have to be but any near future plans for this? The extra speed would definitely be a benefit for a painting app.

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