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Thread: Just bought for iPad2 and hangs on chalk tool

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    Just bought for iPad2 and hangs on chalk tool

    I rebooted and lost a piece I was working on but corrected the "hang". No memory low icon appeared when it froze. I hadn't done a whole lot so don't know why this would happen. Lead me to the answer if already asked please, or need a little help in how to prevent in future.

    Great program and I use on Mac Book Pro with no problems.

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    Just sent a reply by mail - This isn't something we are aware of so I've asked for a few more details so we can help.

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    I purchased a iPad2 before 2 years and at that time, I had a similar issue. I ask this question on different forums and users gave many suggestions to resolve this problem. At that moment, I did everything which users suggest me but the issue was not resolve. After that, I uninstall the software and install again in my iPad then everything works perfectly.

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