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    Question for the crew...

    I've looked around and tried searching for something to answer my issue...

    I am trying to bring in reference images, but some of them do not scale correctly. I assume it's because they're just too large and I want to shrink them and test my theory, so...

    What is the best resolution size for references on the iPad?

    (as a side note to help out the Rage team.... I am seeing some of the same things that others are. I have found the suggestion of the app Xsysinfo does help a lot with the memory problem it keeps me from having to shut down all the time... it happens as the ptg gets bigger and more detailed. The more layers and thicker textures, the faster the message pops up.

    The color changes from iPad to large monitor that the other fellows have been seeing. I've sort of cheated in a way to fix it. I calibrated my PC monitor to be similar to the iPad colors. I figure if there's not an easy way to change the ipad, maybe I could change the monitor to fit the ipad. Hope that helps.)

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    References are scaled down on the iPad if they're too large, to prevent them taking up too much memory. Could you describe (or if possible post a screenshot of) the scale problem you're seeing? For example, are they appearing squashed or distorted, or just not scaled as large as the original?
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    I have tried several photos just to give you an idea. This also occurs in the tracing function, as I've just learned (wanted to check for you.)

    I can use smaller images, such as the little puppy face I have here. (see little tiny baby puppy face laying on a shoe). It's a relatively small photo about 50k 640x480.

    The second image (see pink haired girl giving victory sign) is a bit larger, but about 90k and 960x720.

    When in the iPad rage, the two images mentioned above as references shrink to fit the reference screen and are perfectly fine.

    If I use something larger in size, it crops the image to the bottom left corner of the image. The image doesn't shrink to fit the reference screen.

    As I do not yet know how to screenshot on my iPad, I am currently on like day 2 of owning one... ... I used my PC version of AR to give you an idea of what I see on the iPad. The doggies photo is the same image, referenced twice and moved around to show you the way it looks on the iPad. The sleeping puppy on the left is the image and what it should look like as a reference. The left is what showed up on the iPad.

    The cropped image scales exactly how it looks there, too. It also crops this way in the trace function as well.

    That image in it's normal size is about 1 meg and about 3000 x 2200 (not exact numbers, I can provide if you need me to.) Admittedly it is a giant size for an image. Which was why I asked about what size should images be to get the best out of references.

    I decided to test a theory and shrank the image by way of a Microsoft power tool that shrinks photos. I took it from that 1 meg to about 214 k and 1440x1080, I sent that image to my ipad and it pulled up in the reference image came out perfect.
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    Thanks for the information, I think this may relate to some of the changes made for larger images on the iPad 2. We'll look in to it and see what we can find!
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    You're most welcome. I hope what I've described helps you out.

    I should have mentioned in the first post, but I am running an 64g wifi 3g version 1 iPad. (if that makes any difference)

    Thanks for the help. I'll use my work around till then.

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