HD Marquee Tool

I have been doing a lot of reading lately on matte painting and digital painting in general and I've discovered some workflow problems of mine that I'm not sure if ArtRage addresses or not. But I'd like to share with you my problematic workflow and a potential feature that I would make heavy use of to help me with my workflow problem.

My current workflow is this: 1. Decide the final size of the piece I'm working on. 2. Try to sketch and have major lag and problems with viewing my pencil strokes. 3. Get angry and leave.

What my workflow should be is: 1. Decide the final size of the piece I'm working on. 2. Work at a 1/10 to 1/2 scale for blocking out. 3. Slowly increase the resolution for the level of detail I'm adding. 4. Complete the image at the final scale.

While this is an improved workflow it still has the same problems at the end of the piece that I had starting with my first workflow. It's lagy with too many layers and too much detail at the end of the piece.

This is where a tool such as a marquee selector to go into an HD view mode would be a brilliant addition. This tool would allow you to stay in a relatively decent resolution while working in broad strokes but grant you access to the higher resolution canvas via marquee selection for a limited amount of canvas space without constantly adjusting the resolution of the piece.

I imagine this workflow to look something like this: 1. Decide the final size of the piece I'm working on. 2. Set a working resolution or default to a particular scale for the broad strokes or sketching. 3. Begin painting at the "working" or low resolution. 4. When needed use the HD Resolution Marquee Tool to work on a smaller area in finer detail. 5. Exit out of HD Mode. 6. Repeat 3 thru 5 until complete with the work.

Some added functionality that would really set this apart might be.
1. Allow the user to zoom into HD mode and then zoom out. Or select the HD Marquee then zoom out of HD Mode with a scroll wheel or other zoom tool (like a 4 finger zoom on an enabled device. That could be cool.)
2. Allow the user to open the zoomed view in another view/window entirely while working in it. When the user saves it updates the original piece. You'd have to be careful working on the edges.
3. The ability to "preview" your HD in a jpg or other flattened format.
4. Allow the user to export either the working or HD resolution to a format of their choosing.

So. That's my idea. Have an HD Marquee Zoom Tool. I've see it used in 3D modeling programs like Z-Brush and it seems to be very effective allowing a high, high definition model to be present under a normal resolution model.

If this workflow already exists in some way in the program I'm sorry to have requested a feature that already exists. Please also direct me to it I'd like to know about it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Andrew B.