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Thread: groups and adding layers and groups

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    groups and adding layers and groups

    not sure if this has been covered...sorry if it has..I did a little searching..

    anyone else notice that if 1 group has been created and has been closed by clicking on its little folder icon, that adding a new layer automatically puts that new layer into that group?

    same goes if you create a new group! it goes to within an existing group!

    This has led me to paint on the wrong layer/group whatever and is just so like stepping on a giant thorn...

    many thanks and/or many pleas to correct this, or if it is being corrected..


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    When you add a layer, it is always added directly above the currently selected layer, we use a model similar to Photoshop in this respect.

    Unlike Photoshop, you can't select a group in ArtRage ( this would prevent you from being able to paint until you selected a layer manually ) so when you close a group, the selected layer in still the layer inside the group ( this means that you can keep painting ). So, when you click 'add layer' a layer is added above the selected layer, inside the group.
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