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Thread: Feathering stencils or selections

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    Feathering stencils or selections

    I am having no luck with this. I see where "feather" and "spread" are available when the selection tool is active, but they appear to have no effect.

    and I see no ability to feather a stencil.

    my goal is to apply a glow to a lightning bolt; a perfect use for feathering.

    Can anyone share tips or suggestions about what I'm trying to do?

    Thank you!


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    One way would be to use the Paint Area mode of the Selection tool in Add mode to paint the area surrounding your lightning bolt, then switch to Subtract mode to paint your actual lightning bolt selection, making a hole in the selection.

    Then feather the selection, and paint your lightning. It should be feathered.

    I tried making a stencil by painting a black area with a white lightning bolt shape with the airbrush tool, and then in the Layers panel, I chose New Stencil from Layer contents, but that didn't work. It only made a stencil of the black area, without the lightning bolt in it.

    Or even easier - on another layer above your background, use the airbrush tool to make your feathered lightning. No selection needed!

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    Are you using AR Studio Pro, or just Studio?

    The feathering option must be set to the quantity you want, before making the actual selection. Changing the dial after the selection is made, will not affect what's already selected. If you did make the selections after setting the dial, then it's likely that the selection isn't appearing, because the feathering has dispersed the selected area so much, that it has no definable edge. So the area is selected, but the selection line isn't defining it (meaning, that if you colored over the area that's supposed to be selected, it should fill in).

    Personally, I'd probably use the Blur panel to get the glow effect. Here's a a quick video I made on how to do it: LINK
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