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Thread: Pretty dumb question about graphic tablets

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    Pretty dumb question about graphic tablets

    Hey all, sorry for the misplaced post but I dont know where this thread would go, and I figured the gallery is the most active forum anyway

    anyhow, I wondered if the graphic tablets that you guys use enable you to see what you are drawing on the surface of the tablet... I havent been able to find any forum threads regarding this

    I got one for christmas that is just a grid, no digital screen. I find it difficult (maybe just not used to it) to draw on the tablet while having to look at the screen. Just wondered if most tablets are like this, (with the exception of the $500+ ones) or if mine is not so much for drawing as for writing and signing things.

    any answers appreciated.

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    Most tablets are exactly as you describe. Getting comfortable with following the screen and the tablet together just comes with practice, a little like using a mouse for the first time. Keep with it, and you'll start to get nice results.

    They are starting to make tablet computers which work more like you're expecting, and there's been a line of tablet-monitors which work exactly like you describe, but these are all fairly pricey and have various other issues to deal with.

    Nothing beats a fully tactile/haptic experience like using a real brush on real textured canvas, but then again, nothing beats having a hundred steps of Undo either.
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    but then again, nothing beats having a hundred steps of Undo either
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    No kidding! 1 of the reasons i love art rage

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    Indeed, that's the way most tablets work. You mention there's >$500 tablets that have an actual screen - you'd be looking at $2000 for anything decent, really (Wacom Cintiq). And while those are indeed awesome tools, the pricetag would kill most of us.

    Practice is key.

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