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Thread: Anyway to hide Menu Bar?

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    Anyway to hide Menu Bar?

    I know how to collapse the menu bar, but you're still left with that little round-corner rectangle.

    Anyway to make that go away?



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    The only way I can see to make it go away is to right click on the canvas, but that hides all the open palettes and pods, too. It's called "Clear Canvas Mode".

    Hope that helps!

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    If you're using ArtRage Studio, there's another option available, which would allow you to show/hide the menu with a single key tap. It requires setting up a hot key shortcut for the Menu Bar. Here's what you need to do:
    1 - With ArtRage open, Right Click on the Menu bars open/close tab (see the circled area in the image below), and select the Tear Off Edge option.
    This puts the Menu bar into a floating state, that allows it to be moved around, which is important later, because it also allows it to be hidden with the shortcut key you're about to set in the following steps.

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    2 - Now click on Edit, and select Set Keyboard Shortcuts, to open up the Keyboard Shortcuts panel.

    3 - On the Keyboard Shortcuts panel, locate the Panel Commands group (made easier by using the Close all Groups option on the menu tab for the panel), and find the option for Menu within the group.

    4 - Left clicking on the Menu option will open a window which will allow you to enter a key (or combination of keys) that you may use to open and close the Menu. Set a key (or combination of keys) by hitting the key (or keys) and then click on OK to set enter it in.
    As you can see, I've entered the "7" key as my shortcut:
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    5 - Click OK to close the Keyboard Shortcuts panel, and you're done.
    So now, as long as you keep the Menu tab detached from it's default position, hitting your shortcut key will hide the Menu bar.
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