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Thread: big and subtle only 100%

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    big and subtle only 100%

    For months i have been able to custom type 500% into my airbrush size. for some reason, if it is 500%, there is practically no flow. from my presets, i pick "Big and Subtle" and it automatically reverts back to 100%. I, again, pick 500% and the presets are cleared. For months I have been able to spray large and thick and now I am unable to. what have i done?

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    Presets are just a set of settings for the tool, so 'Big and Subtle' will be setting up the properties of your airbrush. If you change the Size value, the 'Big and Subtle' preset isn't matched any more (the size is different) but all properties other than size are the same so should get the same result, just at a larger size.

    If the only problem is that the preset highlight vanishes, that's expected behaviour. If the tool behaviour has changed since you last used it, could you let us know which version you're using and whether you have updated since you last used it?
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