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Thread: Can you spot traces of a 25,000-year-old cave painting?

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    Can you spot traces of a 25,000-year-old cave painting?

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    Very powerful. Thousands of years even before Lascaux which in itself is sort of mind blowing. Sort of pulls in a whole different dimension of time and art.

    They were also pretty well painted/drawn/sculpted even by today's standards. A time when the only [Undo] feature would have been a geological event, eh? Hey Ragers. . . next revision of ArtRage we could have a 3D cave art emulator!

    Great title for Herzog's documentary as well, isn't it though.

    Makes me want to make documentaries so you could get into such places and ask all the questions of the experts you want.

    Thanks for the link.
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    Thank You Wenkat, that is a very interesting story!!!

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