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Thread: Less Lag on brush stokes.

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    Less Lag on brush stokes.

    Would like to see a performance improvement so there is less lag on brush strokes. I have tried using Xsysinfo to make sure there is over 300Mb memory free before using Artrage, but I still get lag on brush strokes with my nomad brush

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    I'd recommend checking this thread, and fully reboot your iPad + close parked apps if you haven't yet done so, as this can have a significant effect on performance:

    I have noticed that some apps, when parked, appear to cause a performance decrease over time. However, if none of the suggestions above improve performance further, while ArtRage is a demanding application, due to the amount of data we have to keep track of over most painting applications ( paint thickness, wetness, reflectivity and so on ) in order to simulate real media, we're always on the lookout for ways to further increase performance. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    I am using xsysinfo and it does work on the fly but still I must reboot for full performance. I also find for some reason that I really need a hard reboot for optimum performance after charging the battery but can't imagine why.

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