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Thread: sumi-e on ipad

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    sumi-e on ipad

    Ipad brand new gift this weekend. Just purchased Artrage for Ipad this morning, am particularly interested in learning sumi-e brushstrokes as used in this new medium. Googled sumi-e and saw Drift sumi-e, but that centered around a game, although the sumi-e graphics were intriguing. Would appreciate any feedback on the experience of others in adapting sumi-e to Ipad and Artrage. Thank you. cnc

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    Sumi-e bamboo leaf strokes

    You can set the taper on the Ink Pen to make bamboo/willow leaf strokes.

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    Sumi-e I'm new

    Is there a place where we can download presets for sumi-e onto our iPads? I have tried fiddling with the settings on water color brush, and felt pen but I am not getting leaf shapes. Has anyone tried Japanese brush painting? Can you post your results?

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