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Thread: ptg file not recognized anymore by artrage

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    ptg file not recognized anymore by artrage

    I'm using the demo version of artrage. My computer no longer has battery power and somehow the power cord was knocked out of the outlet while it was saving (hence computer crashed). Upon restarting, the thumbnail showed the changes that were being saved. However, artrage refuses to recognize it, nor come up with the earlier save (which would be wonderful)

    I was able to open it with an image converter and see it there. I then attempted to save it as a jpeg and continue to finish the painting in artrage However, since I forgot to reset the dpi, the resolution is not good enough to do so.

    Is there anyway to recover the lost file (or earlier save)?

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    If you lost power during saving, the file will most likely be damaged, but it's possible that data may be able to be extracted from it. If it's under 10mb, can you email it to me at ( let me know if it's larger ) and we can see if we're able to access any data in the file.
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