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Thread: File formats and flipping through images.

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    File formats and flipping through images.

    I just discovered AR and so far so good. However, there's a couple of things I wish AR had.

    One is the ability "open" and "save" file formats rather than "import" and "export". Probably one of those harder-than-it-looks-feature-requests. I'd love to be able to work in PSD instead of another proprietary format, like I do with Painter.

    Secondly, I wish I could use AR to flip through a folder of images. I'd probably use it alot more.

    The company I work for uses that other sketching program for storyboarding. The rough pages are scanned in as tiff and are revised and cleaned as multi-layered tiffs, flipping between pages as necessary. It's a great workflow but wouldn't be even better to use AR instead?

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    Hi Paul,
    ArtRage does support import and export of PSDs - however PSD doesn't support all the data that ArtRage requires for its painting engine.
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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