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Thread: Carolus Magnus

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    Carolus Magnus

    Actually he's Pope John Paul II, proclaimed Blissed on last May the 2nd in front of many hundreds of thousands of Pilgrims from all over.
    May he bless us all and this world from Heaven either we have some faith or not.

    He was such a widely perceived clean mirror of God's love and the ineffable feelings his presence was felt so powerful by most meeting him or just seeing him from far away that I intented to proceed to his portrait since few days.

    To this purpose I accidentally used the airbrush thinking it was the pencil (a happy accident), so I decided it was time for me to start practising the airbrush and realized its better tonal control was most promising.
    I used a main reference picture and a secondary higher resolution one to better guess his characteristic features. Anyway, as usual for me, I absolutely didn't trace the reference, but I was lucky (or was it a miracle? ), to get a pretty good portrait in a really short time.

    I provide herebelow the basic layer I got and the elaboartions I made by duplicating and overlayng a second layer to reinforce the tones and add a frame and a pale yellow behind him (Vatican's State colors are yellow and white).

    For anyone interested he may soon be declared Saint, a further step, upon one further scientifically unexplained fact happen related to him, as per the Church canonical procedure. His feast was set at October the 22nd.
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    Caesar - interesting that you had not used the airbrush before. this drawing of John Paul is beautifully done. I think the softness of the airbrush adds to the mystical quality of the man and image.... a good combination.... you must have been guided..

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    Caesar excellent as always

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    Excellent work Caesar..
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    WOW...excellent painting Caesar...
    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    Dear Caesar, you know how i feel about you first sketches, always think they are the best, again, the plain sketch is my fav, spiritual, quiet, peaceful and powerful, beautiful!!!

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    I thought for a second it was John XXIII but upon looking at his pic, he had a larger nose as I look at the photo. And John Paul II did in fact have a broad face like this.

    Nice one, Caesar. You got a winning look on his face. If you were after noble, warm and beneficent, I think you got it just right.

    If I may offer this one crit, about your English in this one case, it's "Blessed", I seem to recall? "Blissed" would be more of a target for Buddhists, wouldn't it? Not to be confused with the more secular "Bussed" for school kids, and and way more secular "Biffed" for the henchmen of Batman's enemies. . . or was that "Boffed"? Anyway, hope that clarifies.
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    Caesar: Thank you for this fine painting of Pope John Paul II. In your commentary and your painting you capture his essence, compassion and empathy. I would have thought to see it only in his eyes but it was his entire being. Seeing him invokes feelings of peace and harmony in a desperate time.

    We will probably never know all that his world leadership accomplished.
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    great capture Cesare.

    yes, he is now qualified to become a saint because a woman says she was healed by him from beyond the grave thus fulfilling the requirement of two proven miracles and making way for the beatification of John Paul II.

    DA- in a religious sense blissed could work. it means to enter into a state of ecstasy and not today's definition of what ecstasy is. Like the ecstasy of St. Therese by Bernini I suppose. But then that always looked a lot like ecstasy as we know it anyway. At least to me.
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