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Thread: 3 things i would love

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    3 things i would love

    Local Presets
    Similar to what has been done with global/local colour palettes. I'm at a stage now where i have hundreds and hundreds of tools presets and being able to pop a few choice ones into a local palette to be saved with the current painting would be marvelous.

    Perspective/Skew/Free Distort
    of stencils, placed stickers and selections

    Control of Global Lighting
    Would love to have an option to change the direction of the global lighting.. something similar to what was done with KPT plugz

    Thanks for your consideration
    "I paint because I love to cut mats" (Arthur Alexander)

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    Every other 2d software seems to have perspective tools. Why not Art Rage. Even better if drawing would snap along the perspective lines. Or why not use stencils as snapping guides, endless ideas there.

    I think i suggested something similar a while back but i think it was HDRI light importing.

    In other news, it looks like Art Rage has some serious catching up to do with the release of Painter 12. It's new Water Color, Gel and Wet Oil tools are very nice. Already tested them and they mean business.

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