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Thread: So which version do I really have?

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    So which version do I really have?

    According to the info in the About Box I have ArtRage Studio Pro 3.0.6. Now when I log in and go look at my registered products, it tells me I have registered 3.0.8.

    So I'm kinda confused. How can the webpage tell me I have version 3.0.8 when the About Box tells me I have version 3.0.6?

    And what is the most recent version anyway?

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    Have you updated the program recently? The website may just be telling you which version you are allowed to upgrade to, rather then which version you're actually running.
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    The Member Area always displays the latest version which is available to download. In your case, you have 3.0.6 installed but there have been two updates released since that version. I'd recommend clicking the download button on the 'My Products' page in the Member Area to download 3.0.8 and installing that as we've made a number of improvements since 3.0.6
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