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Thread: Bulk Save?

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    Bulk Save?

    This may sound stupid but can you tell me how to copy en mass the ArtRage paintings or images of the paintings out of the common space of the iPad when I have it attached to my PC by USB cord?

    I have a huge collection of paintings saved in ArtRage and would like to transfer them to my PC in bulk without having to first save them each out as images to my iPad Photos app. Is there a way to bulk export paintings as images to iPad Photos?

    Also... if the are any updates coming I would appreciate a "Save New Copy and Continue" and a "Save Image to Photos" on the Save/Galleries button in the work space if that is possible.

    Thank you.

    Saw this post
    Don't use iTunes but will try this. Still is it possible from Windows without iTunes?
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    There isn't a way to bulk export images from ArtRage to the Photo gallery. To get shared files from apps on the iPad, you would need to have iTunes installed either on a Mac or PC. To transfer ArtRage paintings from your iPad to your PC via itunes when the iPad is docked:

    -in iTunes, click on your iPad in the left bar
    -Click on 'apps' along the top
    -Under File Sharing, click ArtRage. You'll see all the ArtRage paintings in your gallery on the right hand side

    You can then drag these images to your PC, or highlight them all and choose 'save to' before choosing a location.
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    Thank you for the instructions. Works great!

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    Personally I think AR is one of the easiest apps to get work out of.... And I thank you for that
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