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    such a version

    You all probably know it. Maybe it taught you in college.
    But just in case. Is there such a version. For myself and other beginning artists:
    Chuck Palahniuk, "Diary":
    What they teach you in art school is that famous old masters like Rembrandt and
    Caravaggio and van Eyck, they just traced. They drew the way Tabbi’s teacher won’t let
    her. Hans Holbein, Diego Velázquez, they sat in a velvet tent in the murky dark and
    sketched the outside world that shined in through a small lens. Or bounced off a curved
    mirror. Or like a pinhole camera, just projected into their tiny dark room through a little
    hole. Projecting the outside world onto the screen of their canvas. Canaletto,
    Gainsborough, Vermeer, they stayed there in the dark for hours or days, tracing the
    building or naked model in the bright sunlight outside. Sometimes they even painted the
    colors straight over the projected colors, matching the shine of a fabric as it fell in
    projected folds. Painting an exact portrait in a single afternoon.

    Just for the record, camera obscura is Latin for “dark chamber.”

    Where the assembly line meets the masterpiece. A camera using paint instead of silver
    oxide. Canvas instead of film.
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    Thank You Mike, that is so very interesting, always ready to learn!!!

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