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Thread: why do curved strokes have "bends" in them?

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    why do curved strokes have "bends" in them?

    I suspect this has to do with the calcs needed to draw a stroke...

    if I take any brush, and draw curved lines very fast, the result will contain segments, like the computer or the program took a short cut, or couldn't quite come up with the juice draw the curve.

    this occurs even with default pencils and pens, arguably simpler than things like watercolor or oil

    why should this be, tho? with pencils? pens? on an 8-core 2.26ghz Xeon?

    I'd think there would be MORE than enough horsepower to make these curves smoothly.



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    The reason for that sort of behavior is fairly complex, it relates to optimisation of screen updates and processing of tablet information. ArtRage 3.0 is not a multi threaded application so your additional cores will not be utilised. We're working on an update at the moment which supports multithreading however, and you'll probably see an improvement when this is released.
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